One Europe – More Interests


The EU is trying hard to grow old as an entity but is still divided in many small nations. Reminds me of the Bible description of the Apocalipse where an Empire was compared to a statue made out of several materials and with feet of clay. Like this is EU now. The leaders are trying to extended as size and as power in the world but in the same time the people living in it are not happy with its existance as they are expressing in polls and surveys.

Who wants and why one Europe? Some leaders in early 50s thought that with one Europe they can be stronger and can make a difference in the struggle for world power that was taking place at that time between USSR and USA. Now the geo-political world system is different. There is no more such a distinct separation between good and bad as it seemed to be in the Cold War Era. It is more a fight between the wish of the leaders of the world and the individual of the world. The leaders want an united world, stronger economical and easier to be controlled. The individuals want their freedom of choice. Basically it’s only this – of cours eextended in all sectors. EU leaders want to be powerful enough not to be overwelmed by other strong leaders. Are they really interested in the benefit of all their country’s citizens. Maybe, even though I doubt that… They are more interested in gaining as much power as possible.

But what about the rest of the world? Where the rest of the individuals fit into this world scheme? No world leaders care about them, as they don’t care of the individuals from their own countries. Tehy care about masses. Listen carefully to their speaches! They speak about nations, people and when it is the faith of an individual at stake – if that individual is not a world leader – they don’t really care about him/her. They pretend to care about but…

The individuals are affraid to lose their freedom of choice and of thinking. But only some individuals that think to themselves as individuals. The rest became the amorf part of the MASS. Easy to control by the world leaders. Like in „1984” novel we tend to become machines seen as a MASS and loose our own individuality. If you criticize to much not the leaders will punish you but the MASS. The MASS is already formed, trained and mainly brainwashed to think as the world leaders want to. And if something happends to the MASS attitude (as nothing is perfect!), if the individuals somehow succeed to influence the MASS and help decomposing it in thousands of individuals, then world leaders intervine in force by manipulation as they own the resources to do it.

Some of you want examples? Think only when the EU states members had their people vote for the EU Constitution and some nations voted against it. What a scandal! The EU leaders stopped the process and they will do it again and again after further intensive brainwashing of the MASS until the vote it will be yes. So it doesn’t really matter what the people want but what the leaders want. More examples are available if you watch the news with a critical eye and compare different newspapers and TV broadcasting.

What is to be done about? maybe the only solution for now it is to each of the individuals to continue their day-to-day struggle to change people’s mentality around them and to try to make them think as individuals and not as a MASS. Maybe we will generate a society with lots of debates but for sure much more free. And where is freedom it is also the chance for peace.