Lots of Love

After watching spies on TV and political debates without any conclusion I
decided to turn off the TV and listen to some music. Actually I missed doing
that for a while. I got caught in the news and LIVE madness of the TV and I
forgot about myself as a person.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how less time we have for
ourselves. We got plugged to the virus called work and we forgot the essence
of life: enjoying it! I was looking back to my childhood and my youth and it
is gone. How many of you felt the same in a certain point in life? Yes, I got
a job, I have a career, some money – but still it seems that none of this are
belonging to me. They are more influences or maybe requirements of the
society in which we live. I asked my friend if she took time for herself to
go to a SPA or at least to get a massage after several days of hard workig
from morning until evening. She said that she would wish to do so but she
doesn’t have the time. Why we don’t have time for ourselves anymore? Why the
work, family and society in general wit its rules takes everything for us?

Some months ago I reached the bottom of my energy and I decided to take a
Sunday off and just sit down and relax. Do you thing that I could do that? No
way! After one hour of sitting around I opened my laptop and I started
working. Another Sunday when no electricity was available I was running
around the house like a madman as I didn’t know what to do.

This is the crazyness of our lives. This is were the whole system is pushing
us. Heart diseases or strokes at 32 years old are a common thing these days.
The old people are always amazed why people die so young but the society and
the system in which we live nowadays is made like a giant spin. Where it
goes? Nowhere. It is just spinning with all of us. No reason. And we are
playing along. We like the spin innitially, then we love it and then we hate
it but we can’t get out of it anymore. So let’s take the time as soon as
possible to get out of this spin. Let’s look inside us first to see where we
are as a human being. Forget about professional achievements. They are for
the rest and so much for us. Are we a better person? That is important. And
please don’t judge better with quantificable arguments as I haave two
children or I am a director. That is ok for the society but for yourself what
makes you a better person. I proposed to myself a game that you can try too.
take a day from your life and go away from all your daily problems at work or
at house. Just take a day when it’s only you with yourself. And after
relaxing as you wish strip yourself from all your professional achievemets.

Then strip yourself from your family. Strip yourself from any other
activities you might do. And see if it is something left. If there is
something left – maybe just a feeling, then you are still alive it means. Otherwise probably you could not even complete the exercise!

What I found deep in there? I found love. And not the physical love – just love, the altruistic love. And nowadays when I feel down because of the spin that the society gets me into or when I need a base point I just remember that feeling that I found deep inside me: love. And I’m thinking if more people will find deep inside them love and they won’t try to cathegorize it as religion, sex, or something else maybe we will live in a better world. And then the spin of the system will stop and everyone will look around and then they will look inside them and it will find the life beautiful. That we can say as a specie that we achieved our destiny – by then we are simply mortals.