Are We Turning In A Police-Run Country?


This is the question of day in the mind of some Mazemanians. The recent news tend to indicate towards a sad reality. The president of the country wants to take full control over the secret services and to allow them more power. So, normally, some citizens get nervous hearing this news. I believe that some of us don’t want to turn back to communism.

Let’s annalyze the news and the events that are taking place. I wrote here before about the problem of secret services involvement in the political life of the country. It is interesting that recently the president of the country made a personal fight to bring all the national secret services under its supervision. This actually seems a good idea considering that before nobody was checking what the employees of these services were doing. But one man can hold a bunch of spies? Or the situation will be reverse? They will hold him…

The presidents ambitions to clear the waters around the secret services was seen some months ago when started as a good sign by many. I also believed that was about time something to be done in this case. But recent developments start to worry me. It is clearly a fight between the president staff and the former leaders of the country now in oposition. It is good I think that finally someone starts poiting and actually investigationg the majot corrupted people of the country. The use of secret services in this investigation is considered legal everywhere in the world up to a certain point.

Recently I heard that the secret services will have more power/authority in their investigation. That is a piece of news that tends to worry me. It is even more sad that the general public don’t have anything against this increased power of secret services. They are either careless about this issue or are agreeing with the president’s decison without questioning the meaning of it.
It is even more surprising that one party leader – known for his important position close to the former communist secret service – is starting now to openly attack the latest decisions of the president. It becames clear that the fight between several sections of the secret services never stopped in this country. And these days we are wittnessing another episode in this fight. Who will won the fight? Who will be the casualties? About the casualties probably some top politicians and some top corrupted bussinessmen in the best scenario. In the worst scenario the secret services will listen my phone and aarest me and no charges will be made but still I will be kept in prison (maybe a secret one!)…Sounds familiar?! Yes, The US Goverment pased some years ago a similar law that allows CIA and other secret services in US the same thing… Freedom?

A Mazemanian saying would say „it is for the big dogs not for the puppies.”
What will happend with us in the near future? The secret services will listen to our phones legally (they did it until now also avoiding the law – as recent news are showing it), they will be able to hold people in custody without arresting them legally and so on. Or maybe the civil society will move towards a common action against the transformation of Mazemania in an US type country. Sorry my dear Americans!…