Mohamed vs Holocaust

Mohamed vs Holocaust

The recent world tensions around the Mohamed drawings made me write about this issue as it tends to transform itself from an insignificant act in a world wide proportions one. A Danish newspaper copied later on Western world wide, published a funny drawing of the Muslim prophet Mohamed in September last year.

The incident of the funny drawing of Mohamed is interesting. I was wondering why all of a sudden this drawing became a scandal in January when it was published somewhere in September and later on spread in Europe. of course after it became an international debate between nations it got even more publicity on the world wide press and TV stations. Portrating the Muslim prophet by the muslim religion is not allowed. Why a democratic nation as Denmark would generate such world tensions in a period of cotroversy between West and Middle East? The facts show that is a complex situation.

The Danish newspaper that published the drawing did it on purpose as the recent data shows it. The editor actually run a contest for the drawing of a funny picture of Mohamed. So there is the intention. Why a newspaper editor would muck on another religion? Maybe because the people that travel through Denmark are saying that under the cover of a democratic nation it hides a very discriminatory nation esspecially towrds foreigners. And there are lots of foreigners imigrated in Denmark! Maybe the editor or the newspaper owner was just a racist person that expressed its views. Ina democracy there is a thin line between your freedom and others freedom. Every persons it is said in the democratic constitutions it is allowed to have the right to think and express freely. But most of the same nations condamn any racist or discriminatory act as a break of others freedom. So did the editor of the newspaper broke this rule? It seems that he did but the Government refused to punish him as they declared that the press is free. Hmmmm…

Very interesting how this small drawing that wouldn’t have any history in a normal circumstances was later on transformed in a topic for world wide debate. When the Muslim nations started to protest nobody cared so much. When several Arab leaders asked that the editor and the newspaper to be punished, the answer of the Danish Government came that they can’t do anything about this. Ok with that but when embassyes of Denmark and another foreign nations were attacked in Iran by the people the Iranian Government was immediatelly accused by the Western Governments of not acting properly to defend those embassies. And of course the Iranian Government took a bad choice when didn’t defend the embassies but so did the Government of Denmark when did not act against the discrimination of Muslims in a Denmark paper. Both Governments took the wrong choice and spinned the cycle of violence.

Mohamed vs Holocaust

The next stage of this issue started when an Iranian editor announced a contest for a drawing that will portrate funny the impact of Holocaust in creation of the Jewish state. This rasied even more anger from the Western Governments along with the Israel state. Everybody condamned the decison of the journalist and ask the Iranian Government to intervine. But the Iranian Government – which recently is in an open verbal conflict with US and the super-powers related to its nuclear facilities – responded very candid that they will do the same as the Danish Government: they won’t intervine in the freedom of press. Of course both sides may bring thousands of arguments. The facts are these. More in Iraq, the local council of Basra decided the other day to announce the Denmark troups in the area that they doin’t need their presents in the are anymore. And we know that the US Government is always claiming that they lead a coalition in Iraq that maintains peace and it is required by the democratic elected Iraq Government. So this drawing affects US and Western interests in Iraq too.

Why all of this is happening? It might be just a simple accident tranformed in a major incident. Or maybe it was somehow a small discriminatory behavour that was later used by the Western Governments in their conflict with the Middle East. It is called provoking. Maybe some leaders have an interest in stiring the Iranians to attack or break the rules somehow in order for a reason to invade them. The same was done in Iraq or in Vietnam or in.. This reminds me of the Nazis which in 1939 invaded Poland because they said the Polish border troups attacked a German border post and the soldiers there were killed. Similiar somehow isn’t it?!? And of course some may argue that the Nazi invented an excuse and it is not this case here. But who says that the Denmark Government, a strong friend of US Government in the war on terror, is not aware of this facts and maybe involved somehow. It is the technique used by many bog powers when they want something and they don’t have the legal international arguments they invent some. By the way did the US found any mass distruction weapons in Iraq?? If they didn’t and they didn’t it means that they lied an entire world…

The conclusion is obvious: a new trend in the world conflict escalation is getting on the way. Where is will lead? Probably towards a new conflict in the Middle East that for sure will extend. How long can the people from the West take the crap of some leaders that pretend to act in their name but actually act on their people lives? Mohamed will stil remain the prophet for the Muslims with or without the funny drawing. What that drawing did was only to instigate to hate. And who benefits from that?…