Welcome to Mazemania! It’s time to runaway…

domino pieces maze on wooden table background

I am the citizen of the country Mazemania. A wonderful territory of mountains and plains and sea. Too bad that it is inhabited as the local people say (sic!). This blog is dedicated to the comments on the current and past issues raised in this country. I will try to post as often as possible. The country is full of potential stories but my time is limited.
So visit the blog and see if I added something. Comments are welcome! But please stick to the point!!!

First things first! Why Mazemania? The name was given by a 4 year old kid from Australia that never visited the country (lucky him!…cause he was born in Australia). His dad worked for a period of time in this country and when the father was living the kid said: Are you going to Mazemania? He was so right!! His father shared with me this event and impressed me so much that over the years I am still thinking about this amazing association.

Why Mazemania? Because it is a country newly entered in an era called ‘democracy’ where the leaders say JUMP and the people just ask „How high?”. People of mazemania thinks like a maze. Why make things easy if we can complicate them a little bit? Why reduce bureaucracy if we can hire more public employees on EU money with the purpose of „spending EU money more efficient’ as recently the Prime-Minister said.

Why Mazemania? Maybe just because is the country with the most self-pitty people. What a Mazeman will say to you more often then „My back hearts! My job sucks! The politician are corrupt! Let’s watch football and drink a beer!” And life goes on….

So you visitor, Welcome to Mazemania! At the airport the young pretty women must be careful as assaults and more.. have been reported from the airport staff!! If you come by car carefully slip some cash for the custom officer because he needs the 33rd room to his little house. If you come by train, avoid the night. And if you can’t avoid the night come in large groups havely equipped with coffee to stay awake and avoid to be left in your naked ass!

And please don’t send presents to your Mazemanian friends because they have to stay in line for the present at the Post Office where the Custom Officer and the Post Lady will harass you. And if your Mazemanian friend doesn’t rich in time on Wednesday after a 4 hours line he/she will have to go again next week because Mazemanian customs work only 1 day a week!!!

Do you want more arguments?…Stay close…In the next post, soon!