Lice+summer kitchen=school!


Today watching the news I’ve seen 3 news in a row about school. Considering that today is the last day of school for non-univeristy education and it also
represents the first day of vacation, it is normal the focus on the Mazemanian education. But the news reports were focusing on this: the first one talked about the lice in the hair of Mazemanian kids, the second about the fact that some ruralschools actually exist in the summer kitchen of somebody’s house (now is winter here!!!) and the third aproaching the lack of psychologist in schools.

Interesting order isn’t it?Let’s take it one by one. The lice in the Mazemanian children (and adult I would add but who’s checking that?) are an old tradition. And it seems that even in the 3rd millenium we can’t escape of them. The interesting fact the news brought up was that most of these children in rural East Romania – the poorest area. That it wasn’t a shoking news to me. More shoking it was the declaration made by an Health Dept official that said „And still the parents don’t wash their children in the first day of school…” Hmmm?!?

So the news reffered to a statistic from 1 month ago? But, most important in this case, it is the fact that still in Mazemania the children are checked for lice and other diseases just at the school start. So if a child washes in the first day of school it is safe for him not to wash for 3 months until the next holiday??? Interesting approach of matters for the Health Dept. Plus the news gave almost no attention to the 30 new cases of tuberculosys found to children. Like lice is more important!!!And here comes the second news again about East Romania (Moldovia) where in a village the 9 children that go to school learn in a summer kitchen owned by a lady that has 15 children!! the Townhall pays her a small rent for that. Fine. Why the children don’t go to school in the nearby town? The answer comes shoking: there is no transport for them and even if it were the roads are too bad for a car…Mazemanian infrustructure! The nearest proper school is 7 km away. But the interesting part comes when we find out that the teacher comes from another village each day, situated 10 km away!! But that is not all – the most awful thing it was the said truth expressed by a local lady: „We need a school for the boys to go. How can you not send the boys to school?” Hmmm. What about the girls? That is the saddest part of the news – in rural Mazemania and not only, the girls education comes in second place. The woman role is to serve the husband and this reflects throughout the society.The third news came just to emphasys the fact that everything is just on paper in this country. There is for years a law that says that every school for 400 childen should have a psychologist. The news was about that there are no people interested in the job because is paid to poor. the real fact that I along with the psychologists know is that the positions in school in fact are just on paper but they are blocked in reality. Who needs an extra person in school when they bearly have money to pay the teachers. So the children with problem have other alternatives like drugs, alcohol, abuse or who knows what else – to their increasing problems. The state is to busy building an image for EU. Nobody has time for the real people.