Louder is better?

It is so exciting to write about sex. I feel like writting the column “Everything about sex”. I decided to dedicate today’s article to orgasms because lately my next door neighbours give live shows related to this subject. How the Mazemanians think about sex? Well it is quite obvius from the start that Mazemanians don’t talk about sex. Yes they practice it in a traditional or modern form but still even between friends they ussualy avoid the subject. Plus in school there is virtulaly no sex education teached except the rare occasions when some volunteers from an association goes there to speak about sex.

Mazemanians think about sex as something dirty (most of the rural area) or as something needed just to have children. Very few, and mostly young ones think about sex as sex. No children necessary attached. Of course many of the teenagers lately go in another extreme thinking that having sex is like chewing a gum. Why I mentioned my neighbours? They are young as my age and from time to time they have sex. The funny thing lately is that we can hear it too! The woman’s orgasm are so loud that in the silence of a communist block apartment is so self-evident. It doesn’t disturb me at all hear it as I think that they enjoy life as good as possible. But I know that many times these expressions of orasm to some women are just faking it – louder the better. I had quite a lot of fun laughing last evening (pretty early I would say) when hearing my neighbours again having orgasm I thought about my other neighbours from next door which have a common wall of the living room with the loud sex couple.

I imagined the two parents with their two 13 years-old children watching TV in the evening on the couch and all of a sudden the screaming of our next door neighbour. And my imaginative mind went on and thought that the children ironically might ask: “Hey dad! Don’t you go to see what’s wrong with our neighbour? Maybe she is sick or something!” and their giggling when saying that…Life is beautiful and I wish some times to hear more neighbours having sex and enjoying it as little faking as possible!