Delete Nation


The nationalism raised again in Mazemania these days based on the debate if to remove or not the word „national” from the first article of the Constitution wher it says about the country that is a state „national, united” and so on. „Delete one word please” the representatives of the Hungarian minority are saying. Of course that the nationalist and extremist politicians are yelling and screaming as hard as they can that this is imposiblle that by removing that word the country will disapear. I knew that the words are very powerful but I never thought that the dissaperance of one word can delete an entire country.

So I started to think over the issue as long as the politicians are debating without thinking. Why we need the word nation associated with our state? It is truely necessary? Or it is just the expression of an old mentality of slaves that Mazemanians were many centuries. The people very difficult, some say, can forgive not necessary forget, the suffering of their ancestors. It is true wordlwide. It develops a mentality inside the people that it is very difficult to be removed. Let’s see the conquring nations where they are based on their former colonialism and the former colonies where they are now. The first have a tendency for democracy and liberalism, when the others are still in conflicts internal or external, or struggle in corrupted economies. The history leaves its mark over the century. But it is the choice of the people to change their mentaliuties. The Mazemanians, as a very young truely democracy (16 years old!!) are still fighting with the old mentalities deep rooted into their minds and common knowledge. Eventhough most of the politicians want the EU accesion, the surveys show less apetite for it from the general publci which mainly lives in poverty. While the politicians mostly corrupted as the media is presenting them are interested in their own objectives using the country idea of nationalism as a screen for covering their own ambitions of power, the people in the country is more busy finding money for their next day survival. While the high power bussiness class which represents less than 1% orders the most expensive cars from the West for the surprise of the Automobile Industry from there, the rest of the people are still walking or in carts and horses. The most beautiful image that this country might offer to a foreigner is a road with a latest model of a Mercedes and next to it a paysant with his horse and cart carrying hey plus some chickens in the middle of the road and a dog barking at the Mercedes wheel.

And the politicians are worried about removing the word nation from the Constitution when actually they never cared about the nation. But they know for sure one fact about the Mazemanians’ mentality: It doesn’t metter how poor they are, the nationalism will always sell to them. Same thing on another scale Hitler used when the German economy was in recesion in 20s and 30s. What better solution a leader with no principles has then to use the nationalism as a mass weapon for distrcting the attention of the people from the real economical problems. Of course not the corrupted politicans are to be blame for the disaster of the economy or for missusing the EU funding but only the Hungarians, or the Gipsy, as we are out of Jews!!
It seems like the history for this country is repeating over and over again and nobody is learning anything out of this history! Instead of appealing to reason, to dialogue, the leaders proclaim the worst case scenarios based on the traditional nationalism.

And what is a nation more than an old concept started during the French Revolution that suited a certain period of time but it becomes redundand as many are willing to unite their economical efforts for a better future for all beyond traditional borders. It is maybe unfair that some nations benefited longer from the concept of nation than others in the modern history but life must go on and people need to start thinking towards a new world where borders are not needed and states dissapear and nations too – as they come together as concepts. Let’s move on to a world obased on comunities and regional collaboration. maybe you want to call it socio-economical federalization of the world based on common interests of the people living in certain area. It doesn’t matter the name. „What’s in a name?”