Forever gone… Miss me?


I was out of the picture for quite some time now. My work took me away in the country and being busy I was not able to write sooner another post for this blog. But here I am coming back with a new post.

As I was saying for the past 6 months I am working in another part of Mazemania and incredibly or not this region of Mazemania (also known as Romania) brought to my atention many things related to the culture and mentality of the people living in this country. I’m coming from Transylvania, a place world wide famous due to Dracula mith esspecially. But a place very different then the rest of the country. When I arrived in south Moldavia I was shocked from the start by some differences. What stroke me the most? The man here take more care then in other places on their body looks – meaning they due body building a lot here. Also they spend their money on luxury cars and brand clothes and shoes (esspecially Adidas type ones). They invest in sun glasses and expensive parties with the friends. BUT most of them don’t own a house or apartment or some time even the car they are driving. Everything here is just surface. Women are the same. Of course we can find people that are not like this, and actually save the place through their work for the community but as majority people are very superficial from the 14 years old to the 50 years old ones.

The city I live in is not very nice but ok. It can become a very beautiful one but there is a need for a leader. Of course their is a local leader, sort of a Lord from the 15 century. Actually this was the thing that stroke me the most here: it seemed like turing back to communist Romania. This county is maybe as far as I travel around the country, the only one left in the other times. Of course some privatization took place here, small steps towards capitalism were done in here too – but on the other side China has more capitalist mentality then the people here… They need a new type of leaders (plural) and get rid of the past but that is maybe the most difficult thing to do.

By that time people are living these places with thousands to work in Italy, Spain, Germany. There are actually entire small neighborhouds in Rome, Milan etc of people from South Moldavia. Another interesting fact is that there is almost no labour force left here so they have to import workers from Republic of Moldavia, China etc Strange, isn’t it? The people left these places to find better paid jobs in the West and others from the East come here (which is for them the West) to find better paid jobs. What a crazy world!!!

The last fact for this post is related to the wine that makes this region famous in Romania. But you bearly find wine for sale here… Also the wine when you find it is so bad that makes you throw up… of course in the supermarket (there are only 3 supermarkets in the whole region!!!) you can find bottle wine BUT from other part of Romania. Why is that? Actually I don’t know but I bet bad management and marketing. Actually the wines here are excellent but the god ones dissapear somewhere and only fake ones make place on the market. Plus here everyone produces his own wine which of course drinks it pretty fast!

That’s about South Moldavia in the beautiful Mazemania! I’LL BE BACK!!!