Oops! I did it again…

Oops! I did it again...

Who recognizes the lyrics from the title? Many teenagers and not only. Strange thing lately I started to change myself even in listening to different kind of music that I was used too. Actually I started diversify… Is that good or bad? I think is important to be as open as possible and to try to learn and accept new things and see the beauty of the world in anything.

My life is changing drastically lately and it is some time interesting to observe tis change. Human body and spirit go through these changes together and they become obvious after a while. And I become fascinated with the changes in my body – maybe because it is easier to notice them, and those in my spirit. Although a lot o stress and problems hit me in my face in the last months I become more relaxed and confident in myself…of course with a little help from my friends (if you allow the quote!).

I remember 1998 I considered to be the year of change for me but seems that there are in life more years that become milestones for the future development. I reach the second or maybe there were others before that I forgot to count? Who knos?! I am aware of these ones only…2006 second milestone for my life – and I must say a very serious one on all levels. Actually as far as i read from others experiences rarely you meet in one’s life these kind of combined changes on all levels that actually solve in a marvolous way for you. So I am not worry about any kind of future milestones even though I would prefer happy ones and not the dramatic ones. But as I can predict things I take them as they are and proceed accordingly with my state of mind and spirit at that time.

It’s a wonderful life…

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…yes, life it’s wonderful…but we need “eyes” to see it…we have to enjoy every minute of it, too many things can happen in a short notice. Enjoy life and it’s changes.


Hehe, early midlife crisis 😛

P.S. Yes, “early midlife” doesn’t make any sense