Fade Out

This term describes the best my mood these days… Unfortunately there is no Romanian equivalent to symbolize the state of mind, spirit and body that I experience. Of course some of you will consider this English post stupid and irrelevant but believe me there is a meaning to it for those who are capable to comprehend.

Fading out of your own life may come to you at any time. Some of us already experienced the phenomenon without acknowledging the situation. We loose ourselves not in the form of depersonalization (psychiatric condition) or even physical disappearance (which is subject of different esoteric studies by the way) but in our spirit. Somehow we come to a point where our souls disintegrate or at least tend to. As fading out is a process that can be stopped or even reversed. In my case the struggle that I was writing about the past couple of months reached the low bottom these days. The physical body shows all the marks of the spirit meltdown. That is why I avoid writing on this blog lately… I am to occupied with my own fading.