The Joy of Acupuncture


Monday I started the acupuncture sessions for my back-pain. I am not afraid of needles so I went with the hope of solving my terrible pain. Actually after two sessions I already feel an improvement and i will let you know when I finish all 12 session how I will feel. But going to acupuncture to dr. Caba in Sibiu, famous couple father-son working for decades with this technique, it is always interesting as you meet various kind of people. And while waiting to enter in the therapy room you can hear all sorts of discussions among patients.

I am treated by dr. Caba Marius, the son. His father, in late 70s, is still pretty active working with patients. Tuesday evening I saw an interesting case: a child of 15 months old with muscular problems that had difficulties to walk was brought to acupuncture by his parents. They already were doing for 10 months kineto-therapy. They choose to do also in parallel acupuncture. Hopefully it will beneficial for their son. If the adults being there were pretty quite when needles were placed on their body, the kid was all screaming. Mainly not because of the needles, that you barely feel, but mostly because he needed to be kept firmly by his parents not to move. I will be curious to see the effects on him after the sessions prescribed.
Also I met an old man in late 60s suffering from diabetes with zero blood circulation in his legs in danger to have both legs cut by doctors. After 5 sessions of acupuncture he was walking easily… Just few cases that I met first two days. I will come back with more to present.