Pain. Extreme Pain

Today was the 6th day of extreme pain. Day and night I felt just pain, pain and pain. My backbone collpased again. Once a year does that. It just refuses to sustain my body. But this year was different. Way different! 6 days means a lot of pain and it is not over yet.

I tried medicines, painkillers everything in huge doses. Nothing! Just pain. Baths with Bazna salt, massage, more painkillers… nothing. Today I started a acupuncture treatment at dr. Caba. Hopefully this will work out….
Meanwhile I never missed work these days, although it was extremely painful every second…

This song kept me going…

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I too had a bad bad backache these days…What could it be?



O meriti. Pentru cineva care calca in picioare pentru un editorial de doi lei cincizeci munca a zeci si zeci de voluntari nici ca se putea rasplata mai buna.