English versus Romanian


Someone questioned me these days why I choose to write in English instead of Romanian. My explanation to him I believe is useful to be posted here too for the rest of the readers. As I mentioned in my last few posts I am crossing a period of my life pretty low and strange. The effects are obvious to me for some time in the psychical body too. I realize that my English is far from perfect, especially from grammar point of view, but I think it is useful to express my feelings in a way that my friends will better understand it.

Actually when I start writing on this blog I was doing it in English. Later on I switch to Romanian. Somehow now I need to go back to English in order to find some sanity in my life, especially professional one. I can’t explain why buy thinking and writing in English offers me a better way to find and express my feelings. I love Romanian language and I used it everyday in my work at the newspaper but here I need something else. Not for ever, just for a period of time.
So bear with me…