Full Moon

Last night it was a full moon. This one, also called Hunter’s Moon or Frost Moon was bright and shiny. Not so close to Earth, at least in Sibiu, but with great white light. When it’s full moon I feel agitated. It is normal but somehow I feel the moon influencing me. All the energies absorbed by my body in the last month emerge in the night with full moon. And even when I fall to sleep my dreams are agitated and full of vivid colors, which rarely happens other nights. Full moon brings out all the latent energies from us. All the negative and positive thoughts in a mixture. Everything we suppress during the month emerges in the full moon night. Maybe that’s why during that night there is more violence, action, scandals or crazy things.

Last night my daughter Karina was agitated. Maybe she felt the great impact of this full moon. I had difficulties in falling to sleep and my dreams where full of signs that need my conscious interpretation (by the way I became pretty good in interpreting dreams). The full moon dreams are some times tricky as they can be false pretending dreams. They can bring to you signs that are often false. Depends on your emotions and thoughts gathered during the last month, from a full moon to another.
In my case the most vivid dream that remain in my mind after I woke up made me thinking… It goes like this:
I was walking in a forest during daylight. The path led me to a hidden lake with a small waterfall. There was a rabbit, a wolf and a woman. Somehow I pass them although they all were watching me carefully. On my path I met a hunter on a horse with lots of dogs around him. He seemed to be more like a Don Quixote with strange armor and weapons. He asked me direction to exit the forest. I helped him then I walked along him for a while. A crossroad came and I took left deep in the forest, although noises and darkness was in front of me. But as I was going deep in the forest everything became flooded with light and a sense of clearness in my mind I felt.
How you interpret such a dream? Not mentioning all the colors and emotions felt?