Mad should I say… So angry that made my day a nightmare. Why? It added up day by day the tension from work, projects and frustration from years behind… I’m so mad that feel my head explode. Some rock music played loud helped a little bit but not enough. Speeding with my car in traffic helped but not too much. I have to start my home projects and don’t feel like doing it. Lili and Karina left for a nice walk and to visit a friend in order for me to have space for my project. But I’m so mad that I can’t write a single line. Life sucks sometimes when gets filled with work, actually overfilled with work. Why we need to work so much? To earn money… But why we need money? To make our lives better… But this is the answer?! Or is just us faking the answer in order to justify our decision to work all day and night?

For sure I reached a critical point in my life (again!) where work tool over my life and I feel prisoner. So I should escape… Let me see how I can do this… Any escape methods?