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I am looking for advice. I know there are some people here that can give some great advice.
I was taking a class at a community college because I may want to go to grad school. there was this girl in my class that i liked. not sexually. At first glance, I didnt like her at all. I thought she was ugly. However, I fell in love with her personality. Ya, I didn’t know that was possible for a guy.
PS she is a lot older than me. I am in my 20’s, she is in her 30’s.
I had secretly liked her since about beginning of May, but never said anything. once again, "like" means I like her as a person, not sexually. would I fuck her? sure. But I don’t think of her that way. Until now, I did not know this was possible for a guy.
so this week was the last day of classes. after we took our final exams, she saying bye and hugging everybody she knew in the class.
when she came to hug me, I started to cry in her shoulder. then when i got out of her hug, i told her, in my crying voice, "i love you"
just as I expected, she didnt take me seriously and she said "I love you too!" in a tone like "we all love each other!"
she has no idea how special she is to me. for some reason, I really really like her. and now I miss her. How can I keep in touch with her? I dont want to sound creepy and scare her off. I dont want to just call her up and say "you know, I want to tell you a secret…since May…"
Basically, here is my goal: I want to be constantly in touch with her. I want her in my life. how do i do that?

care esti in tema cu astea? da-i omului un sfat