apropo de #hmeet2

la care din pacate nu am ajuns, insa sunt convins ca a fost un real succes fiindca Cosmina de obicei face treaba buna, am gasit cateva metode prin care iti dai seama ca esti un Internet Marketeer de succes:

  • You send your kids their allowance by Paypal.
  • Your Mom asks you to email her your children’s Christmas gift wishlist and you embed it with affiliate links.
  • You check domain name availability before naming your kids.
  • You go to work in your underwear.
  • You have trouble explaining to your friends what “you do.”
  • Everybody else is looking for a job and you’re trying to get rid of yours
  • The neighbors think you’re into something illegal when they observe you not going to work but having all the trappings of success.
  • Every item at your garage sale ends with a ‘7.’
  • You add three ps’s to an email to your mother.
  • Your wife accuse you to be cheating on her with Alexa.
  • You make a lot of money spending max 1 hour per day in front of your PC.
  • You do your work in the toilet
  • You wake up on midnight and then your body opens PayPal automatically like a bots, ignoring your wife’s bulging eyes