Strainii cauta varcolaci in zona Sibiului

Am gasit un mini-documentar de 14 minute postat recent pe net despre un grup de cautatori ai paranormalului. Documentarul a fost difuzat pe Syfy. Noutatea este ca au cautat de data asta varcolaci la Sibiu!!! vedeti si voi mai jos.

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The Mission:

Romania, home to rolling green hills, unparalleled architecture and the notorious werewolf. The legend of the half man, half beast monster has existed for centuries and while most scoff at the notion that the mythic figure is a reality, others swear it’s real.

Recently, villagers in the small Romanian town of Brad, unearthed a human corpse, removed its heart and drank the blood as part of an archaic ritual to ward off werewolves. Tasty.

The Adventure:

The team heads out on a European adventure to get to the bottom of an age-old legend. They first arrive in the city of Bucharest where Josh speaks to a professor who’s an expert on all things werewolf. Under the professor’s instruction, the team takes a train 170 miles to the province of Sibiu.

They then stake out a cave where locals claim the team will find traces of the beast. While in the cave, Josh makes a chilling discovery of human remains. They also find what appears to be fur.

From there, the group descends to the forest floor to set up base camp in the area that’s referred to as “werewolf country.” Josh first scans the area with the flir thermal imager and spots a figure. He runs in the direction of a shape yet when he reaches the area he doesn’t see it.

In another part of the woods, Jael and Bicha hear strange noises coming from nearby trees. As they continue to survey the area, they find footprints that are larger than a hand.

The team makes a cast of the footprints to analyze later in LA and as they’re packing up something goes howl in the night. And since the team doesn’t want to be dinner for a hungry beast, they pack up and head back to the states.

The Findings:

Once they arrive home, Josh shows the footprint cast he made to mammologist Jim Dines. Dines confirms that the footprints are NOT from a common wolf because they are too large. But not so fast grasshopper— he also believes that another larger animal, like a bear, could have made the footprints.

So it seems that there’s lots of room for misidentification and for now the legend of the werewolf has been neither confirmed nor shot down with a silver bullet.