daily spam #7

Congratulations You Won,
Attn: Microsoft/Internet User
This is to inform you about MICROSOFT Email Lottery Program held during Microsoft 36th anniversary 2011 which your email address Won the Prize ticket number (85/20-11-Lt) and the drew lucky Code of (5-1-2-1) your Ticket Number consequently won the lottery fund donated by our Executive Chairman Mr. William Henry Bill Gates to promote Microsoft/Internet Users, You have therefore been approved for payment of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($500,000.00)
All participated email addresses were selected through a computer ballot system drawn for Microsoft and Internet users to develop computer literacy around the World
NOTE: Get back to us for your payment trough our Agent with your address/full name/Occupation/Age and your telephone number for payment/identification and communication,
Yours Sincerely  
Eric Bent
Press Department
Microsoft Corporation